How You Can Get Rid of Pests with Regular Cleaning


One of the worst things that any office can experience is a pest infestation. That could include rats, pigeons, ants, cockroaches or even very small pests like bed bugs and dust mites. Every one of these is an unwanted intruder, and they can make a workspace into a hazardous area.

We want to help you with a few pointers from our friends at Vale Carpet Cleaning that should assist you in keeping pests away from your food and your co-workers, not to mention your customers or house guests.

Frequent Vacuuming

If you leave any food behind, even if it is just some crumbs, you are going to attract pests. Be sure to get rid of anything they might like to have for themselves, such as pieces of food, skin flakes, hair (for dust mites) and other particles that will attract them by vacuuming regularly.

If you can get rid of items that pests would be interested in, you won’t see them as often. While carpets need to be vacuumed at least once a week (and more for busier areas), anything with a cushion surface should be cleaned as well. That includes cushioned chairs and couches.


Keep Surfaces Clean

Any little stains or sticky spots in your office can attract insects. While the area might look clean, there could be clear or hard to see spots that you aren’t noticing. By disinfecting all surfaces regularly, you can ensure that you get rid of germs and make the environment lest hospitable to pests. The most important areas to disinfect are the communal ones, as they are the most likely to draw in pests.

Keep the Bins Empty

The longer trash sits in your bins, the more likely you are to attract some unwanted visitors. The smell and presence of edible material is a like a beacon for pests to come and visit. By emptying your bins regularly, you can not only make the place smell nicer, but also keep the pests away. The inside of the bins can get sticky and attract all sorts of pests, so make sure that you wash them out regularly.

Cut Back On Clutter

Lots of pests will come right out and be visible, but others are much sneaker and like to stay out of sight. Rats and many types of bugs will hide in clutter and wait until the lights go out to come out. You may not even notice them during normal office hours if there is enough clutter to hide them.

By keeping your office tidy, you can reduce tripping hazards and make it far less likely that any pests will find a home there. The biggest culprits are any pieces of clutter that have been untouched for a long time.


Grant ChristensenHow You Can Get Rid of Pests with Regular Cleaning