Engineered for Success

There are many reasons why Collinsville is a great place to live. Just before the 20th century, engineer and surveyor A.H. Collins worked the land that would one day bear his name. A hub for coal mining and eventually dairy farming, this small town is beloved to all who have live here. However, this is also a great place for creepy crawlers. Pests abound here. Good thing Midwest Pest Control is here to help.

Professional Help

One of the challenges that has always plagued Jenks residents is bugs. From spiders and ants to bed bugs and termites, the temperature and moisture allows them to live in comfort and unfortunately, repopulate quickly. It's not just an inconvenience, these crawlers can influence your health and potentially damage your property, right here in Jenks. Pest Control is sometimes the only option. Luckily for you, Midwest Pest Control is one of the best local companies in Oklahoma. We specialize in eco-friendly products that kick those critters to the curb. If they come back, we will too- absolutely free.

Living by the river doesn't mean you have to live with pests.

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