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Although the name Little Rock denotes something small, big things are happening in Arkansas' most populous city, which also happens to be its capital. In fact, over 200,000 people call it home. Its affordable travel options and charming hospitality will make you just want to settle down here for the long haul. It was ranked #1 Great Place to Live in 2013 in a national publication. It has many attractions that make it a great place for families, such as: the Little Rock Zoo, Historic Arkansas Museum, the Old Statehouse Museum, and the Riverfront Sculpture garden.



Pest Control in Little Rock, AR

Little Rock may be an incredible place to live, but insects and rodents seem to think so too. There are at least 400 species that want nothing more than to get into your home. Our job here at Midwest Pest Control is to make sure that doesn't happen. We understand that sure, bugs are an annoyance, but we also know that they can also be a health hazard and (like in the case of termites) a major financial burden. We know that your home isn't like your neighbors home. You need a pest control solution that is customized to exactly what your home and property needs.

Visit us in Little Rock, AR at 2924 Pike Ave, North Little Rock, AR 72114. The reason we're in business is to help homeowners with all their spider, ants, rodent, bed bug, termite, and other pest issues. We guarantee complete satisfaction, which is different from some of the major players in the city and in the industry at large. We aim to do the job right the first time, but if there are any particularly pernicious pests that pay you a visit in between regular treatments, we'll come by for free to take care of it. That's the Midwest way!

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