We offer the best spider control in Tulsa all year round.  If you are having problems with spiders that were once outside but would rather be inside, just like you, we can help. Having a good spider control plan in place can help to keep you from seeing spiders in places you really don’t want them.

black widow in tulsa

There’s nothing quite as frightening as opening up your shower door first thing in the morning and seeing an eight legged creature beat you to it.

Midwest Pest Control is the best spider exterminators in Tulsa. We are a family owned business that happens to have years of experience in Pest Control in Tulsa OK. We are thrilled to announce we now have an office in Rogers AR as well. We would love to help you get rid of those unwanted spiders by offering you professional spider extermination services even during the winter.

Common spiders in the Tulsa OK area are: brown recluse spiders, black widows, and other “not so lovely” arachnids. Don’t let spiders move in to your home this winter. Call us today.



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