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If you have been using our service, the first things we want to say is Thank you. We take great pride in ensuring that your home is 100% pest free and if you ever need some extra treatment, we’re only a phone call away.


Secondly, assuming you love our service, then it’s likely that you have friends, neighbors and family members that would love being pest free as much as you. If you will help us spread the word of our superior service we will give you discounts. We will give you a $20 discount for every person you refer. Just make sure they mention your name when the start service and then we’ll credit $20 to your account. This is a win win win. Your friend will get the same guaranteed pest control service that you have enjoyed, we get a new customer, and you get $20–plus you get to look like a hero to your friends. So tell your friends, call your family, post on Facebook “Midwest Pest Control is the best pest control service in the area” tweet, “Midwest Pest Control is the way to go.” Whatever communication you use, just make sure that when your friends, sign up, they mention your name.

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