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Ant Control, Tulsa Our goal at Midwest Pest Control is to keep your home pest free. Some companies try to accomplish this by using a common product on household insects. Unfortunately, sometimes these products are less effective on ants since the repellant in the insecticides often fractures their colonies. Only the ants in direct contact with the insecticide are affected, leaving the majority of the colony intact.

However, Midwest Pest Control can treat your home with Termidor and Phantom today! These products are specifically designed to manage your ant infestation. These innovative pesticides are intended to be slow acting so ants in the treated areas usually will not die upon contact, but live long enough to spread it throughout the colony–ultimately destroying the entire ant population. This process usually takes 10 to 15 days to be completely effective. We, therefore, hope you will be patient during this process and inform us if further treatments are needed after that period.

If you have young children or pets in your home you may want to hire an exterminator; at Midwest Pest Control, our trained professionals know how to keep your entire family safe when using poisons and traps. Exterminators are trained in order to rid your home of pests. A good reason for hiring an exterminator is to learn how to keep pests from invading your home for good by repairing and sealing the home.

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