Termites Don't Stand a Chance

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Most people don’t really understand termites and are therefore afraid of the damage that termites could do to their home. They worry that they might get termites and not even know it. There are companies that are making millions of dollars providing termite treatments and actually a great deal of those treatments are not necessary. So what I am about to tell you is something that big national companies probably don’t want you to know. If you will listen to this short video you will be a far better position to not only protect your home from termite attack, but to do so in the most economical way.

Here in Oklahoma we have a species of termite called a subterranean termite. Each colony will consume about a pound of wood per year. When you think about that—it's really not that much. If your home develops a colony it's not going to fall down the next day. Sure if you let the colony go for 5, 10 years then it can do some substantial damage.

Not knowing the facts about how fast termites consume wood, a lot of home owners are a bit uneasy about the thought of termites or this mysterious, silent threat. A lot really big companies have preyed on the fear of homeowner and have sold things like monitoring systems that cost thousands of dollars to install and then monitoring cost after that.





Lets consider the facts about termites:

Termites don’t eat wood very fast. So if have a colony around your house, its not like you have a 2 week window to do something or your house is going to fall down.For the most part, when you have termites its pretty obvious. Termites are not the invisible, stealthy home wreckers that some companies would like you to believe.

Every termite colony goes through a swarm stage once or twice per year. When that happens the colonies produces a ton of winged flying termites that are everywhere. If you had a colony near your house, you would almost certainly see these swarming termites in the spring and the fall when the colony goes through this swarm phase.

The biggest cost associated with termites is the treatment, which can cost a few grand.

Termite Control in Tulsa

Midwest offers a pest control package which is designed to help you and is driven by facts not fear. For our current general pest control customers we offer what’s called pest plus. For 10 dollars a month we will insure your home against any termite treatment cost. So if you ever get termites, we will come out and exterminate the colony for Free. Instead of finding you have termites and realizing that now you have to pay for an extremely expensive treatment, you simply call us and the treatment is at no charge. Also, when we come out to treat your home for general pest control we will also perform an inspection and let you know if we see any signs of termites. And then what you can do is simply know what termites look like. If you ever see signs of termites, just let us know and we’ll give you an expert opinion and provide a treatment if necessary.

This program called Pest Plus is really the absolute best, and the most economical way to take care of your home when it comes to termites. Call our exterminators for more details.

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