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Spring time is a beautiful season for everyone. Except, is also the time when you will start searching for “pest control near me”. This is because, spring is also a good time for ants and they will not stop invading your kitchen and everywhere else in your house.

You may have had your worst ants time – everyone has. Imagine you are throwing a birthday party for your kid when these uninvited guests decide to pay a visit. It is shocking and bad when you go to get the cereals only to discover the whole box is alive and moving.

How do you stop them? Perhaps you tried to lure them away with a trail of sugar to try to lead them away from your house. It never works?

You need strategy that handles the problems for ever. In this article, we are going to share 15 simple but genius ways of handling ants.

  • Consider deterring

If you don’t ever want to go through the embarrassment again, you will have to ensure ants don’t ever get a chance of targeting your house. Because they are very tiny, finding their way into your house is never a problem.

To be safe,find those loops and seal them off. There are so many doorways for ants so youwill have to be very thorough especially if your house is made of wood. You maydiscover that they even have homes in your home. Don’t give them a reason tothink about your home.

  • Seal with caulk

If there are spaces in windows, doors and other cracks where ants crawl in, you will need to seal them off with caulk. The best thing about caulk is that it also helps you control temperature in your house and in turn lower energy bills.

Pest control can be very risky around children. You will need clean methods of handling them and caulk is one of the safest approaches.

  • Clean your home with vinegar

Regular cleaning of your house keeps ants at bay. But that is only if you use the best approach for the same, mixing vinegar with water gives you a clean mixture for general home cleaning as well as keeping ants off. It is a double bonus for you.

Ants hate the smell of vinegar and that is why it works. It is also a safe method if you have kids in the house.

  • Use lemon

Lemon seems to have the same effect as vinegar. If there are secret scents that ants follow in your house, consider using lemon juice and they will be completely destroyed.

If you think there are ants’ entry ways in your home, try spraying lemon juice in the areas and you will have a clear house.

  • Use peppermint

After cleaning your surface, you may need to apply another easy trick to keep those pesky ants away. Take a clean dump cloth and pour in a few drops of peppermint oil.

This is an environmentally friendly approach that ants seem to really hate. As a bonus, you will have a nicely smelling home.

  • There are some spices herbs that work effectively

Consider sprinkling black pepper, cayenne pepper, chili pepper, cinnamon, mint, cloves and garlic in your house. Your house will smell nice but danger for the ants.

  • Used coffee grounds

Used coffee grounds are very beneficial in your home. Spread them in your garden and around the house. They have nutritional value for your garden and have a bad smell for ants. Therefore, you will have double benefits when you use them in a proper manner.

  • Ants don’t like chalk

Simply draw a line across the place you think ants usually enter your house through. They will never jump over and you have a house free from ants. And if you have baby powder, use it for the same effect.

  • Those cucumber pills you through away can be your savior

After peeling cucumber or citrus, you don’t have to throw away the peels. Leave them in spots when the ants are most notorious and they will never step into your house. They are like toxic to some of the fungus ants feed on. This is why ants will avoid them strongly.

  • The soap you use for washing dish

Dish soap may have more than one function for you. Use it as a thin line around windows, doors and other places where ants enter your house. If there is an ant hill around, pour the dish soap on it and you will drive them away.

You can also mix the soap with some water and sprinkle on the ants. It is particularly easy if they are gathering in a single place in your house.

  • Use oranges

Oranges have the same effect on ants as lemons. Make a paste of about one cup of hot water with orange pills. That will be enough to help you keep the ants away.

  • Use common salt

Well, you may have more use for salt that you thought. Simple sprinkle it near corners and nooks where ants use to get into your house.

Table salt is cheap but very effective when it comes to repelling ants. Boil water and add a lot of salt then stir completely. Use is with a spray bottle in entry places.

  • Practice good sanitation

Well, if your house is always dirty with food particle on the ground, you are making a haven for ants. They will be you regular guests until you learn proper sanitation.

  • Use Diatomaceous Earth (DE) for carpenter ants

Carpenter ants are one of the most notorious ants in our homes, but they can’t stand DE. It is a lethal dust for insects but you must be sure to get food grade DE for pest control.

Another thing is to keep on top of the ants when using DE. Carpenter ants seem to be very cunning. You may think you are chasing them away from your compound only to find them making a home in your house.

  • Use Vaseline

Vaseline is not only great for the body; it works well in keeping ants away from your house. Rub a little of Vaseline in entry points and you will never see them again.

No one likes ants in their homes. That is why it makes sense wanting to find the best ants control methods. The ways shared above are the most natural and environmental friendly means of keeping ants at bay. Hopefully, they will be of great help to you as well.