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Most people think of summer as prime time for snakes because more of us are outdoors hiking, camping, and biking and will undoubtedly encounter snakes more often. While summer is a particularly active time for snakes, spring and fall are also times to be cautious. During intense heat, snakes will try to keep hidden in cool, moist places. The cooler months in late summer and early fall provide perfect temperatures for snakes to be out in the open, soaking up the sun.




Snakes can be nerve-wracking to run into, but luckily, the vast majority of them are harmless. In Oklahoma, we have about 46 species of snakes, but only 7 of them are venomous: cottonmouths (AKA water moccasins), copperheads, and a variety of rattlesnakes. Unless you are an expert at identifying snakes, when you come across one it is usually best to just step back and let the snake go about its business. If snakes begin coming onto your property or home, it may be time for some professional help. Let’s take a closer look at how to avoid snakes and keep them out of your home.

Avoiding Snakes In the Wild

If you are enjoying the cooler weather by hiking or camping, be sure to remain on the lookout for snakes throughout the fall. The best way to avoid snakes is by walking on clear paths and staying out of the brush. By walking on the path, not only are you less likely to encounter a snake, but if you do stumble upon one, you will likely be able to spot it before you get too close. When enjoying the outdoors, it is also a good idea to wear long pants and tall boots because most snake bites occur on these parts of the body.

Preventing Snakes on Your Property

To prevent snakes from coming into your yard, it is important to take away their natural habitat. This means that you should remove tall grass, brush piles, wood stacks and other debris that may make a good home for snakes. Keeping the landscape well-manicured is key. From there, you can prevent them from entering your home or sheds by sealing all cracks and gaps in the foundation and walls. Also check the screens on your windows and the weatherstripping around doors. If any are in poor repair, get them fixed or replace them. Lastly, you may want to consider putting screens around the bottom of your porch area. Porches provide the perfect cool, moist conditions that snakes love.


If your home is prone to snake activity, Midwest Pest Control is here to help. Our trained technicians can spray a snake repellent around the edges of your property that will effectively keep snakes out. We pride ourselves on our quality products and great service and offer a satisfaction guarantee on everything we do. At Midwest Pest, we want to make sure that your family is safe and protected against snakes and other household pests. Give us a call today.