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Broken Arrow Pest Control

Broken Arrow has blossomed into a center of commercial diversity. Just a short drive from bustling Tulsa, it has won numerous awards for being a wonderful place to liveThis fact, however, doesn’t stop all annoyances. Like bugs.

There are thousands of species of insects in Broken Arrow, which somehow always find a way to get inside.

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We Love Broken Arrow

We know how it is here, we live it everyday. We love working with and contributing to the city and people of Broken Arrow. Pest control is simply our means to do so. Midwest Pest Control is the solution to all your pest needs. Our primary service gets rid of the regular pests that might be in and around your home, such as spiders, crickets, ants, centipedes, wasps, silverfish, and the like.

Living near the river is nice, but it also provides some challenges. 

Easy on Nature (and Your Wallet)

At Midwest Pest Control, we understand the need to be environmentally responsible. We’ve created a process based on low-toxicity products that are pet and family friendly. We’ve invested in the most efficient products so that we don’t have to reapply as often as other companies. This makes it more affordable for homeowners to keep a safe and secure home from pesky invaders.

For example, very few companies out there really know how to take care of spiders. The arachnids here are terrible. Walking up off the ground, most products don’t get on them enough to eradicate them. However, we’ve come up with a comprehensive solution that gets them in each life stage.

Insects are pernicious and extremely hard to get rid of. Don’t worry though, if anything slips through the cracks between services, we’ll come out again at no charge.

Pro Tip: The best way to monitor spider activity is to put sticky traps in your home. Place them in your basement, near the sump pump, and in the attic. Check them every couple of weeks. If there is evidence of spider activity, you’ll know it. Give us a call and we’ll handle all your spider woes.

Midwest Pest Control is the best pest control tulsa has to offer; in fact we have numerous awards that prove it! But those don’t matter unless we can prove it to you! Give us a call today and see the difference.