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Carpet Cleaning – Dust Mite Treatment

Carpet Cleaning (Dust Mite Treatment)

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Midwest is a Pest Control Company . . . Why do they offer Carpet Cleaning?

When you are looking for carpet cleaning in Tulsa, we are your best choice. You probably have carpet in your home, but here’s something you might not know: Carpets provide a great health benefit. Carpets act like giant filters which help to reduce dust, bacteria, and other harmful substances from floating around in the air you breath. But like all filters, after awhile your carpet fills up with dust and debris and needs to be emptied from time to time.

As your carpet fills up with dust it creates a habitat for a microscopic bug called a dust mite. Dust mites feed on common household dust. Over time, your carpet will become saturated with these dust mites, which in turn produce waste and increase the level of bacteria in your carpet, in the air, and in your home. The solution is simple. Have Midwest Pest Control clean your carpets twice per year!

Now you might think, “My carpets don’t need to be cleaned that often.” Maybe you don’t have kids or you are just really tidy and so your carpets rarely collect stains. Carpet becomes saturated with dust, bacteria and dust mites long before it looks dirty. If you let Midwest Pest Control clean your carpets twice per year, your home will be healthier, the air you breathe will be cleaner, allergens will be reduced, illness will be less likely and your carpets will last longer too.