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When you have an unwanted animal guest in your home, you likely want them removed as quickly and safely as possible, particularly is the animal is trapped or causing damage.  Sadly there are some people who will promise to remove animals quickly, without enough thought for their wellbeing.

A humane animal removal company will take steps to minimize the amount of stress the animal is put under as much as possible.  Techniques such as one-way doors allow the animal to safely leave the property in their own time, without being startled or unnecessarily forced.  You will often find that where possible humane animal removal companies use such techniques which are very effective.

A good animal removal company will thoroughly assess the situation and come up with a tailored plan for removal, and just as importantly: exclusion.  In many cases animals will enter a property through small crevices which are barely noticeable to the untrained eye.  There may also be multiple entry points which need covering.  A good animal removal company should identify all of these points and even better offer repair/restoration services as well.  Be sure that you find out exactly what sort of restoration work you are getting.  Check that the work will be more than just a ‘quick DIY fix’.  If it’s any good, companies should offer a warranty with their work.

Questions to ask an Animal Removal Company

Ask for licensing and insurance

You want to be sure that the company has appropriate insurance and that they work to all state and federal laws on animal control.  Ask if they carry their licenses with them and if you can see them.  You can check some licensing agencies online too.



Ask what techniques are used

What measures are taken to protect the safety and wellbeing of the animal.  Once removed what will happen to the animal? Will it be killed? What are the chances of the animal returning?  Where will the animal be taken and will any offspring be separated? These are all questions you should be asking.

Is there anyone that recommends them?

One way to verify their humane methods is by checking with local animal control agencies, or wildlife rehabilitators.  You can check online for previous customer reviews as well.

Be clear on the cost

Sometimes you will have not one but several unwanted guests in your home. If a family has made its nest in your home, you want to know that the price isn’t going to suddenly changed because more animals have been discovered. An ethical removal company will be clear on all the potential costs before any work starts.

Ask about repair and exclusion

An important part of any animal removal job is taking steps to prevent the problem from happening again.  Find out what animal proofing and exclusion services the company offers, how successful are these?  Be sure that all possible entry points are identified and closed off.  If any damage has been caused by the animal ask if the company offers repairs.

Taking a small amount of time to ask the right questions will help to ensure that you get the safe, ethical animal removal service you expect.

To summarize, when choosing an animal or pest removal company check the following:

  • Techniques used
  • All costs involved
  • Licensing and insurance held
  • Repair and exclusion services offered

This post was written by our friends at Backyard Wildlife Solutions in Lititz, PA. An ethical animal removal company with over a decade experience in removing and handling all kinds of nuisance animals and pests.