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A buddy owns a Pest Control company in Phoenix, Arizona, and the critters he comes across are some of the scariest things you will see. Giant desert tarantulas, scorpions, rattlesnakes, giant lizards, wild pigs, massive sewer roaches, black widows, and giant mud wasps. The desert is a scary place, and it breeds some of the most dangerous and venomous creatures on the planet. Arizona is the only desert that’s home to cactus. It has a special ecosystem of creatures that inhabit the area and can find themselves in your home when given the opportunity. These are some of the most common pests he finds himself exterminating in Arizona.

Arizona Bed Bugs

Nobody wants to encounter insects in their home, but there is something extremely invasive about finding them in your bed. Pest control is a tricky business, as there is no sure way to guarantee to rid yourself of pests forever. There are many things to consider when treating your home and maintaining that treatment. Dirty homes are obviously a breeding ground for pests. From cockroaches to mice, keeping trash off the floors and garbage cleaned up around the property is extremely important for maintaining cleanliness around the property. But bed bugs are tricky business, they can sneak in on used couches, beds, and other household furniture. There is a great article here on bed bug removal Phoenix. It’s a pretty decent article that discusses the bed bugs that Arizona residents are up against, how to identify if you have an infestation, how to prevent infestations, recommendations for travel, and how to contact them to exterminate these nasty pests. Obviously, everything in this article can be applied anywhere you live, much of it is common sense, preventative efforts will go a long way if you take note and apply where applicable.


Desert Termites

The termites in Arizona are nasty, like most of the other desert creatures where they can survive the extreme temperatures for months at a time. Insects there seem to be much larger than in other states I have lived. These look are like termites on roids. They destroy all the timbre in your yard if not treated properly they can make their way to your home siding, trim, and eventually the interior framing. This can be disastrous if left untreated.

Kangaroo Mice

These slippery little suckers seems to squeeze through the smallest openings and invade garages and shed all over Arizona. The problem with having a mouse infestation out in Arizona is that it attracts predators. Coyotes hunt these mice, and even scarier, rattlesnakes love these little suckers. Homeowners with cats benefit from the natural rodent control they provide, but just like the mice, cats can fall victim to a rattlesnake if the opportunity presents itself.


These things are cool, and nasty at the same time. I had a home in Chandler that was infested with Scorpions. We would bring out the black light at night and you would see them crawling the exterior and interior of the home. I believe the home was built on a nest as it was impossible to get rid of them without professional assistance. Pest control companies in Phoenix see more scorpions than the average man. Having them infest your home is no joke, especially if you have kids.


Snakes And Lizards

Non venomous versions of these creatures aren’t bad as they also provide rodent control. The the venomous ones are freaky! We were walking in our backyard last year and all of a sudden we heard the rattling of a snakes tail, we were probably within striking distance but managed to slowly back up before grabbing my 410 shotgun and providing a little pest control on my own property before one of the kids or animals got hurt. It’s a very scary sound, and I wouldn’t want to make a career out of controlling those pests.