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Rodents are one of the most common domestic pests. They can secretly enter homes for food and cause severe damage on your property. However, their concealed entryways can be detected with careful inspection.

We all know how annoying and irritating the presence of rodents such as rats and mice in a household can be. These pests are clever enough to keep returning again and again for food, after locating a suitable entryway. That is why “Rodent Proofing” is a standard service provided alongside rat and mice control for the households but also for commercial clients. Once rodents realize that food is available in abundance, they start making nests within the property. Once a nest has been established, mice start to quickly reproduce. Same could be said about rats, as well.

Their common nesting places are:

  1. Attics
  2. Basements
  3. Empty spaces under stairs
  4. Inside of walls
  5. Between ceilings and ceiling drywall.
  6. Inside sofas (rarely)

When you are doing any kind of renovation work with drywall make sure there are absolutely no way for a rat to enter between the actual wall and the drywall.” – 247 Mice Control (UK)

The truth about rodents and plague is not one to miss for the can carry a number of diseases.

How to Find the Entryway of Rodents?

In order to prevent them from coming back, first, it is important to establish how they are getting access to your abode.

Given below are some simple procedures that can help you locate the entryways of mice and rats in your house before you call in experts offering rodent control:

Search for cracks or holes in places around your residence

Look in places where holes are quite commonly found, such as within your kitchen cabinet or under the sink. If you find any holes, seal them immediately using something that they can’t chew through.

Check your garden fence, if any. By eliminating the entrance of rodents to your garden you limit the chance for them to charge your home, as well.” advise the property experts at The House Shop.

Remember, isolating foam might not do the trick, because the rodents can simply chew through it. Professionals are using special kind of steel wool to fill in holes and metal mesh to block any openings for good.

Openings in the cornice moulding

Such an opening can easily be an entrance to the attic of a number of squirrels that are looking for a new home. Squirrels are pretty hard to get rid of during the winter season. They consider your home their new place, and they won’t leave in no matter what. It is quite hard for them to survive outside anyways, so it is not like they have any choice. Squirrels are also highly irritating, because of the noise they are making constantly running and squeaking. They are hard to miss, if squirrels have infiltrated your home, you will know right away.

Inspect carefully around entry points like doors and windows

They are quite often used by mice and rats for gaining access to homes. Even the gaps in weather stripping can provide them with a pathway inside. Rodents can fit through tight spaces, their size might deceive you.

Thoroughly check any drain lines that are uncapped

It can be possible that the pests are entering right via the sewer system. Look for uncapped drain pipes under your sink or in an improperly installed toilet pipe. Check for any piping left open in the basement for whatever reason.

Remember, rats can actually even climb out of your toilet, so always keep the seat closed.

Signs From Rodent Activity That Can Pinpoint Their Entry

Sometime you may not actually see the entrance, but you can find signs that will prove that there is and rodent living inside with you. On top of that, if you pay a bit of extra attention, those signs can lead you to the nest of the rodent, or its doorway inside and out.

Look for signs such as bite marks on objects throughout your house

Chewed wires, baseboards, furniture, crown moulding and window frames can very well indicate that your house has got secret pathways that are being used by mice and rats.

Rodents are often the reason behind power outages. They chew through the wire until they chew too deep and it all ends for them, but not for you. Now, you have to search your entire power system in order to locate the problem. Sometimes it can round up into a substantial handyman bill.” say Contractors Today.

Signs of rodent droppings can often serve as indicators

Those can pinpoint the entrance and exit of the pests. Therefore, watch out for droppings as well. While disinfecting areas where you find the droppings, examine the paths to determine movement of the rats & mice.

Pro tip: You can lay a layer of powder around an area you suspect rat activity in. If there is really rodents around, their footprints in the powder will show you their entrance. You can later set traps on those paths.

Professionals use more developed technologies and techniques to pinpoint rodent paths. A couple of rodents running around all night may leave questionable trails in the powder.

After locating all the potential entryways of the harmful rodents invading your household, do everything you can to block these paths. There are several methods that can be used to control rats in the house along with mice. In case your residence is sheltering a fairly large population of these gnawing and nibbling pests, it is imperative that you get in touch with a professional providing rodent control. However, be careful who you hire, as there are some companies who only claim to be good but offer inferior quality services. Be thorough with the selection process to hire the best pest control firm.