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If you find yourself with a rodent problem in Tulsa, it is helpful to know if you are dealing with rats or mice. Knowing the differences in rodent appearance, as well as behavior, can help you identify the problem rodent and determine the best method for getting rid of them for good.


A diagram describing the difference between different types of rodents

US Federal Government employee [Public domain]


The chart above gives a good description of the differences in rodent appearance. Behavior differences are less obvious between mice and rats, but tend to manifest themselves in three main areas: how and what they eat, where they live, and how they interact with the environment.


Eating Differences

Mice mostly like to eat things like grains and seeds. They will also eat fruits and other sweet treats like chocolate and candy if available. The water that they need to survive comes mostly from the food they eat, so having a specific source generally isn’t as important. Mice seem to eat all the time. They are nocturnal and will return to their food source all night long, up to 20-30 visits per night. Their largest feedings will normally occur at dawn and dusk.

Rats are less picky about their food and will eat nearly anything. Norway rats, for example, like protein and carbohydrates, but have also been known to eat garbage and sewage. Roof rats are smaller and tend to have a diet more closely resembling mice. Rats must have a source of water to survive, so they will often enter homes and buildings in search of it. Rats tend to eat most of their food at one time and will eat one large meal rather than numerous small ones.


Habitat Differences

Mice can live outdoors or indoors quite easily. Some mice spend their whole lives indoors and will live and nest there. Common places for mouse nests may include: wall voids, crawl spaces, basements, closets, attics, and in storage areas.

Most rats live outdoors but will venture in to meet their needs. Norway rats like to live in burrows in the ground or in areas at ground level. They are remarkably good swimmers, so areas around lakes, rivers, and sewers are great options for them. Roof rats prefer higher nesting locations. They are great climbers, so they can be found in trees, in attics, and on roofs. Even if rats spend time indoors, most of their nests remain outside.


Personality Differences

It might sound strange to say that rats and mice have different personalities, but in general, that is true. Mice are extremely curious creatures. They will explore new places and things without much fear. This trait makes them much easier to trap than rats. When a trap is placed in areas frequented by mice, they are not as wary of it and will approach it more often.

Rats are much more cautious around new objects. If you want to successfully trap rats, you may need to leave a trap unset for a few days to get them used to the object. Once the rats feel comfortable with it, you can then attempt to catch them.


Tulsa Rodent Control

Nobody wants rats and mice in their home, so understanding their behavior might help you get rid of them faster. If you are struggling with rodents, the professionals at Midwest Pest Control have the expertise and equipment to get rid of them. Let our excellent technicians take care of the rodents for you. For pest control in Tulsa, you won’t find better than Midwest Pest Control.