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As the end of Summer approaches and Fall is in the air, it’s time to start thinking about how to prevent and control some new varieties of pests. Fruit flies are one of those species that slowly build in population during the Summer and then become abundant at harvest time. This is because fruit flies eat and reproduce on ripened and fermenting fruits and vegetables that are plentiful right now. Here are some tips so you can identify them, and hopefully avoid a fruit fly infestation this Fall.


Fruit flies are only about ⅓ the size of house flies, measuring about 3-4 mm. They have abdomens that range from tan to black with gray undersides. One of the most recognizable features of a fruit fly is its characteristic red eyes.


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Fruit flies are attracted to sugary substances and reproduce in moist areas where there is water and organic material present. Very ripe fruits and vegetables provide the perfect environment for rapid reproduction. Fruit flies will swarm around sugary spills, food that remains on the counters, garbage cans, or wet rags or mops. Unless the breeding material is removed, you are unlikely to gain control of the problem.

Tips and Tricks

Fruit flies are major nuisances and can carry bacteria from garbages onto other surfaces in your home. Getting rid of them may take some time, but it is completely doable using these tips.


  • Refrigerate produce immediately
  • Throw away rotting or damaged fruits and vegetables (this includes in your home, on your trees, or on the ground)
  • Keep counters and floors clean of spills
  • Clean and empty your trash can regularly
  • Use fruit fly traps to lure and trap fruit flies in your home
  • Try using commercial drain treatments if the fruit flies are living in your outdoor or indoor drains
  • Look into chemical control methods including: pyrethrin spray, IGR’s (insect growth regulators), and residual insecticides. Always carefully read labels to ensure that you are using them correctly.


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