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Ants may be considered a pest to some, and even though they’re small, it doesn’t mean they’re boring. You may practice pest control for ants, but ants are actually pretty interesting.




Here are some strange and funny facts from Empire Pest Control Ltd in London about ants that you may not know. It might make you think twice about how you deal with ant pest control in your home.

  • Ants are as old as dinosaurs – In fact, they’ve been around for millions of years. Ants are far, far older than humans. So really, we’re the babies on planet Earth.
  • Ants cover the whole globe – Anywhere you go on Earth, you will probably find an ant. The only places you won’t find them is in Antarctica and the Arctic, because it’s a bit too chilly for them.




  • Ant species can be 2.4 inches long – This was the largest ant ever found. Imagine having a super-ant crawling across your picnic!
  • Ants are very social – Ants come together and can function as one large ant. This allows them to accomplish some truly amazing things.
  • Ants use chemicals to talk – The reason ants trail along behind each other is because they use pheromones to send messages to their fellow ants. This alerts the others to danger, or if they’ve found food.
  • Ants have a huge biomass – There are loads of ants on Earth. And even though they may be small, they have over 25% of the globes biomass




  • Ants practice slavery – There are some ant species that will raid other colonies and bring back eggs and ants to their own. They then put these ants to work.
  • Ants can carry three times their own body weight – Ants are super powerful, and are able to lift 3 times their body weight. That’s pretty impressive.
  • Ants have a longer life-span than first thought – Ants are only on the planet for a short time, but many queen ants can live for decades. The oldest reported was 30 years.
  • Ants have a massive population – There’s around 10 quadrillion ants on our planet, which easily outweighs the number of humans.