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As a pest control company that has been around for more than a decade, we have gotten to know a lot of other pest control owners from around the world. It’s interesting to swap stories and techniques that work in our specific geographical area. For example, here in Oklahoma and Arkansas, we have termites, tarantulas, scorpions, ants, and many different species of spiders. In other countries, they may have many of the same insects, but the environment is much different and they need to be taken care of differently.

We recently met with a company called Rex Pest Control, which offers general pest control and also does termite control, rat control, cockroach control, mosquito control, and container fumigation in India.

They have some crazy critters over there that have to be dealt with. For instance, the Giant Red Centipede would make almost anyone from America squirm in their seat. They have 21 body segments and breathe through small openings on the sides of their bodies.




They grow to over 20 cm long and has strong venom that can cause extreme pain in humans. If you’re ever in that part of the world, remember this info and avoid the centipedes!


Another interesting insect that they have is the Black Indian Scorpion, which has one of the more lethal stings of any insect. We have some pretty similar critters here in Oklahoma and Arkansas, but there are very few hospital visits here because of them, and far less deaths as a result. It’s very uncommon here, but remember, in other parts of the world sadly it can be all too common for the residents there.



To take a look at the difference in services, take a look at We have some pretty crazy insects here in the South, but we should be thanking our lucky stars that some of these insects don’t live near us. We’ll take the ones we have already!