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Now that fall is underway, and Winter is fast approaching, you probably aren’t thinking about mosquitoes anymore. They seem to have disappeared, but where do they go and how do they survive through the winter? It may also surprise you to know that there are things you should be doing now to prevent mosquitoes next spring. Let’s take a look at what mosquitoes do during the winter.




How Do Mosquitoes Overwinter?

All animals have their own special adaptations that allow them to survive during the cold winter. Different species of mosquitoes do different things to survive. Some species actually hibernate as adults. When the weather starts to get cold, they will find a hollow log, burrows, or other places to pass the winter. They can hibernate for 6-8 months before emerging again in Spring.


Other species of mosquitoes endure the winter in immature stages. These include the species of mosquitoes known as aedes aegypti and aedes albopictus. These mosquitoes are known to transmit a majority of the dangerous mosquito-borne diseases like dengue, yellow fever, West Nile, Zika, etc. These types of mosquitoes will lay eggs during the fall, and the adults will die off. The eggs will suspend their development during the winter months. This unique process is called diapause. When the temperature and rainfall pick back up in the spring, the eggs will rehydrate and continue their development until they hatch.

What Precautions Can Be Taken?

Even in the Fall and Winter, there are many things that can be done to cut back on the mosquito population the next year. Mosquitoes must have standing water to breed and lay their eggs. This means that if you want to eliminate the mosquitoes, you must start by eliminating standing water. During the fall and winter, you can get rid of mosquito eggs and larva by emptying out cans, pots, or containers that may have been collecting water in your yard. Mosquitoes need only a ½ inch of water to lay eggs, so even small things like soda lids filled with water can be a source of mosquitoes. It is also important that you clean out your gutters so that the water doesn’t get clogged and backup. If you have plastic birdbaths in your yard, empty and clean them weekly to break the reproduction cycle. Lastly, if you have a pond, make sure that it is aerated or stocked with fish to help control the mosquito population. By doing some of these things during the fall and winter, the mosquito population next spring will hopefully be lessened.


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