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We write about bugs, local topics, pest info and give you tips and tricks to keep invaders out of your home!

Fighting Flies

While flies seem to be a constant nuisance throughout the summer months, it is fall when they really cause problems for homeowners. The population is largest in late summer and early fall, and all those flies start to seek entrance into homes. Getting rid of flies...

What Things Attract Ants to Your Home?

Ants are common household pests worldwide. They are particularly difficult to get rid of because they will leave scent trails for other ants to follow. That means that even if you kill the visible ants, more ants from the colony will easily be able to follow the scent...

8 Tips for Trapping Mice

Nobody wants a mouse in their house, but getting rid of them can often prove difficult. Mouse traps are simple enough to operate, but without proper trapping technique they often don’t work. In order to get rid of the pesky rodents as quickly as possible, we have...

Spider Egg Sacs

If you don’t like spiders, the idea of stumbling upon a spider egg sac, with potentially hundreds of baby spiderlings in it, can be quite repulsive. Adult spiders only make up a small percentage of the total spider population within your home, so it is important to be...

Scorpion Control in the Midwest

When you hear about scorpions, you probably picture the deserts of the southwest in Arizona and New Mexico. In actuality, scorpions can live in many different habitats, including forests, grasslands, deserts, savannas, and rainforests. Although they are a less common...

Termite Royalty

At the center of the termite colony, both literally and figuratively, is the termite queen. The queen is the most important member, and activity within the colony revolves around her. For unfortunate homeowners who must deal with a termite infestation, the queen is of...

Spring Pest Control

Many people don’t start thinking about pest control until summer when the pest population has already gotten out of hand. The fact is, spring is a great time to start treating for pests. The warming temperatures and increased moisture levels signal pests to come out...

Spring Mosquito Control

Mosquitos are the deadliest creatures on earth, killing an estimated 725,000 people each year. The World Health Organization also estimates that there are nearly 200 million people suffering from malaria right now, which is transmitted by mosquitoes. In the United...

Carpenter Ants in the Midwest

As Spring approaches, so does the start of ant season. Ants seem to be a never-ending problem that keeps coming back no matter how many ants are eliminated. A single ant hill can have thousands of ants, and the queen ant is constantly increasing those numbers. The...

Insects Around the World

As a pest control company that has been around for more than a decade, we have gotten to know a lot of other pest control owners from around the world. It’s interesting to swap stories and techniques that work in our specific geographical area. For example, here in...

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