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Catoosa Pest Control

We love it here in Catoosa, OK and want to make it a better place for its residents. This means taking care of and protecting homes and families in the area. Give us a call and we’ll treat you like part of the family.

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Between the Hills

The town of Catoosa lies in the heart of the Cherokee nation. The name itself is a native word meaning, “between two hills“. People here are known for being hardy zealots, ready for work or entertainment- all in. In the beginning, growth was stagnated, at least until the Port of Tulsa created an epic spurt which led to over 4,000 workers and over 70 businesses. We continue this tradition of economic growth and giving back to the people of Catoosa. Pest Control is today what grain elevators and cotton gins were back then- a way to create jobs and make life easier for families.


Pest Control in Catoosa

Oklahoma is home to some interesting creatures. They’re fun to look at, but only outside our homes. Once they come in, we’ll help you get the unwanted visitors out. Spring and summer bring the ants and spiders in droves. The warm weather and plentiful food sources make it perfect for them and other pests. Our claim to fame is our continued excellence in service and our eco-friendly processes.

We guarantee your experience with us will be one-of-a-kind.