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Bella Vista surely lives up to its meaning, “beautiful view”. With seven different lakes, there is much to do for the active of the area, including watersports, fishing, hiking, and other outdoor adventures. One thing is certain, tho. People aren’t the only ones in love with the city. Pesky insects love it too. With hundreds of different species, homeowners in Bella Vista know the importance of having a year-round pest plan.

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Pest Control in Bella Vista, AR

Bella Vista is popular with tourists, and insects, for good reason. The warm weather means bugs don’t die from being outside (although most species do seek shade during the hottest parts of the day) and breeding season can happen without waiting for a rainstorm. The year-round sunshine means most homes in Bella Vista have need for year-round pest control and prevention.

Midwest Pest Control has had a presence in the Bella Vista community for many years, so not only do we know what to expect, our customers do as well. We are familiar with the different species common to our area and the safest products to keep them away while protecting your family or business. Understanding insects is one part of the job; understanding the needs of our customers is another.

A big part of pest control in the Bella Vista area comes from sugar ants that look like tiny black dots or the occasional fire ant colony, complete with painful bites. Keeping food in sealed containers and off your kitchen counter is the first step in keeping ants out of your home. Another tip is to keep your pet’s food off the floor as well. Placing a rubber mat underneath the bowls not only makes it easier to clean up, it also stops the bowls from moving around when your pet eats or drinks. It also helps to keep leftover pet food in an airtight container rather than open in the bag. Food smells in your house will attract ants.

Another pest that’s particularly disgusting is the cockroach. Not only are they super fast, the first signs of an infestation are often the shadows darting away when you turn on the light. The same prevention methods for ants will generally work for cockroaches, although they do have a larger range of foods they consume.

Cockroaches are also attracted to moisture, so making sure your home and property is free of leaky pipes or extra runoff can cut down on an insect population significantly. Open-top garbage cans inside your home also invite cockroaches and other insects inside, so making sure the lid is securely on will help with pest control and prevention. Cockroaches can hide inside drain pipes all day, then emerge from them at night to infest your home. Buying stoppers appropriate for your drains helps cut down on their numbers, and keeps them out of your dirty dishes.
Midwest Pest Control has a history of excellence in Bella Vista, so give us a call before the pests inside and outside your home ruin your ‘beautiful view’. We also do pest control in Rogers, AR.