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In a city that could have been named Osage (after the Osage Indians), Bentonville has sprung up out of the southern bush to become a famous icon of Arkansas. People here have plenty of things to do. From miles of trail hikes to the Museum of Native American History, there’s little time to be bored or cooped up at home. Although the city has some of the nicest homes in the state, they still haven’t come up with a fool-proof way to keep the pests out. Until now.

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Pest Control in Bentonville, AR

Pest Control is both an art and a science. One has to know how to correctly apply the products and techniques in order to fully protect families and homes. Without both, homeowners are left to suffer the consequences of infestations, disease, and potential home damage. We’ve been in this business long enough for people to recognize our award-winning service.

The reason?

We are a family business. With a few massive, billion-dollar pest control companies out there, we are the local breath of fresh air that you’ve been looking for. While they are busy writing off customer and focusing on their bottom line, we are quietly, politely take care of our customers and treat them like family. Using only the most effective, yet environmentally-friendly products, we’ll take care of any and all pest issues that you face. For the best pest control Bentonville has to offer, try Midwest Pest Control today.