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Oklahoma has its share of treasures. Route 66, vintage stockyards, the western museum, and some of the best colleges around all make for a great time. The residents also have great taste in deciding where to live in this great state. That’s why Bixby is the state’s fastest growing city. Just a few skips away from Tulsa, there’s never a boring weekend. Bixby’s claim to fame is its nickname as “The Garden Spot of Oklahoma”, due to the variety of vegetables that were grown there that were shipped all over the country.

Bixby is growing fast. We hope to grow alongside you.

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Everything we do here at Midwest Pest Control is for you, the residents of Bixby. Pest Control often gets a bad rap, due to the use of pesticides. You’ll be happy to know that we are a cutting-edge organization that embraces the newest green products on the market. As you know, cheaper isn’t always better. Our staff is friendly and will make sure to customize your service to fit your specific needs. A one-size-fits-all approach to pest control never delivers good results.

Along with pests, the Bixby area is known for a high rodent population. We use effective, yet humane techniques to rid your home and property of disease-ridden mice, voles, rats, and other rodents. The biggest thing that we need to assure is that we identify and locate the intruders so that we can come up with a good plan of attack. Sometimes a homeowner will hear rodent activity and go and buy bait and/or poison. Do not do this! If they are in the walls, basement, or attic of your home, they may consume the poison and die in a location to which you don’t have access. Let us handle any and all of your rodent issues.

Some other common pests in Bixby are spiders (including the brown recluse and black widow), ants, cockroaches, beetles, and wasps. Usually homeowners know that it’s not IF, but WHEN bugs will become a problem. Our professionals have a game plan for each of these pest species that will eradicate your home from them and apply a barrier that will prevent future infestations. Don’t worry though, if pests do return in between regular services, so will we- absolutely free. 

Termites are also a big cause for concern among this community. Although their impact is somewhat overstated by the big pest control companies, they are also not to be underestimated. During an infestation, termites only eat about a pound of wood a year from your home, hardly enough to demolish it. However, as the colony increases in number and the years go by, it can become quite an expensive headache to experience. If caught quickly, it’s not very pricey for a service. If homeowners ignore the warning signs, they are stuck with a home with diminishing value along with a hefty bill. If you suspect termites in or around your home, call the termite experts at Midwest Pest Control.