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If you’re experiencing pest problems in Claremore, OK, we can help you with that 🙂

 We’ve been in this busines a long time, and can handle any infestation you have, whether it’s cockroaches, ants, spiders, silverfish, or anything else. Midwest Pest Control is the answer!

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Where There’s a Will…

Known for grit, mixed with an unlikely propensity for showbiz, Claremore has cemented its roots in western lore. The music “Oklahoma!” was set in the surrounding areas and became a classic around the country. This spunky city’s other claim to western fame comes in the form of Will Rogers, arguably the most influential entertainer of his era. We at Midwest Pest Control understand the need of hard work, especially as this age-old virtue diminishes in our generation. We promise to treat you and your property with respect.

Pest Control in Claremore

Have you ever been surprised by an eight-legged visitor in your house? There are, in addition to spiders, thousands of insect varieties here in Claremore. Pest Control is our chosen craft, and we’ve mastered it, making sure to always sprinkle extra value wherever we can. We’ve earned trust over the years, and hope to continue the pattern of excellence as long as bugs roam (probably forever). We have always tried to embody the values after which we named our business, Midwest.