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In an industry that is dominated by big names and so-so customer service, we stand out from the rest by sticking with our local values, no matter what. Honesty is an oft-forgotten trait when it comes to business, but it’s at our core. We want to earn your business with each interaction and make sure that you’re satisfied with the service rendered. That’s why we offer a guarantee for our work 100%- if you ever need additional service from us, we’ll come out and treat again free of charge.


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Within the Ozarks

Although completely devastated and demolished by the civil war, the town of Lowell was reestablished in the 1880’s with the help of the St. Louis-San Francisco railway. With this knack for survival and persistence, it has grown over 46% since the year 2000. But the residents here aren’t the only resilient ones. People here have known for decades the terrible amounts of nuisance  pests around this area. Spiders, cockroaches, ants, and rodents have afflicted homeowners to the point of exhaustion. There is a definite need here for professional pest control. That’s where we come in.


Pest Control in Lowell, AR

At the beginning of your service, we’ll inspect the property and see what you’re up against. Every home is different, so the treatments that we do are customized to your specific property. The most common invaders in Lowell are spiders, ants, cockroaches, wasps, and rodents. We also offer specialty services for pernicious insects like termites, mosquitos, and bed bugs. We’ve never encountered a pest problem that we couldn’t handle- call the professionals at Midwest Pest Control today!

Midwest Pest Control

When looking for Lowell pest control, there is no better company to contact than Midwest pest control. We have skilled technicians that trained to handle fire ants and bed bugs. We can exterminate and prevent further infestations from occurring in your home. With free inspections, we can help create a plan that you feel comfortable and safe. We provide a guarantee service with 100% satisfaction.