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Here at Midwest Pest Control, we have a custom treatment plan to get rid of each and every pest  you have inside and around your home. Spiders and ants are often the most complained-about invaders here, and they’re also our specialty.


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Rogers, Arkansas is located in the Northwest corner of the state, known early on for its strong business scene. Throughout the 20th century, however,  there have been many cities pop up nearby with a variety of cultural icons, with Bentonville just to the North and Fayetteville and Springdale to the South. Named after Captain Charles Rogers of the Frisco Railroad, Rogers creates a tantalizing mix of adventure and professionalism, best encapsulated in the National Air Rifle Museum.

Rogers, Arkansas has withstood the test of time. With a strong emphasis on local leadership and family values, there’s no doubt it will continue to be business and cultural hub of the state. 

Pest Control in Rogers, AR

There are many companies that offer Extermination Services or Pest Control in Rogers. It’s for good reason, too. According to, there are over 250 species that specifically live in Rogers, AR. Upon learning this, you may consider moving away. Don’t!

Each home is different. We realize this. Homeowners often have sheds in the back, swing sets, and other yard ornaments that need specific attention when it comes to bugs. We don’t want to risk your children getting bit or stung while their out playing. Over the years, we’ve perfected our approach to pest control. Using only the best eco-friendly products and techniques, we’re so sure you’ll be happy with our service, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you ever need additional service, you won’t have additional fees.