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Most people associate the Midwest and South with hot temperatures and humidity, but any local could tell you the truth: the winters here can be pretty brutal as well. With temperatures falling fast, it’s amazing that pests can even continue to live throughout the cold months.




The first set of pests go dormant for the winter and re-emerge in the spring. This group includes some species of beetles, wasps, and many others that remain in the pupae and egg stage of their life cycle. Once the temperature rises again, they hatch or continue growing like normal. This is why it’s important to have year round pest protection!

The second group of pests don’t hibernate or migrate (and if they do, it’s inside your home). According to Pest Control Guys in Toronto, Canada, certain pests move closer to homes in the winter in order to find shelter from the cold. The main perpetrator here is rodents. They can squeeze through gaps that are smaller than a quarter! Mice and Rats, like any animal, seek out food, shelter, and a place to create a nest. Basements and attics are the perfect place to do just that.




Another year round pest is Bed Bugs. Since they are mostly inside pests and avoid the light, most people don’t know they have them until they are practically overrun. The easiness of interstate travel has fueled the rise of bed bugs in the USA. Some people try to get rid of them on their own, but the truth is, you need someone who knows how to get rid of Bed Bugs, a licensed professional.

The winter may be harsh, but unless you have a pest professional continue treating your home and property through the winter, it may lead to flurries of insect activity later in the year that could have been prevented.