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Siloam Springs Pest Control

Most noteably, spiders (including the Black Widow and Brown Recluse) seem to always be ready to invade your residence here. While yes, they are dangerous, especially to pets and kids, fatal bites are rare. Even so, we are ready to take your worry away by providing the most robust pest control service around.

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Healing Waters

Originally, the area now known as Siloam Springs was thought to hold healing powers in the clear water flowing into nearby Sager Creek. While hard to prove the magical powers, one thing we know it that the residents here have definitely made it a great place to live, as noted by Smithsonian Magazine. One thing that is easy to prove, however, is the amount of bugs in the area. Every spring and summer there is a massive change that happens when it heats up. Out of the woodwork come ants, spiders, centipedes, rats, and other unwanted pests. We’re here to make it a little easier to enjoy this area without worrying about your home and family getting damaged by pests.

Pest Control in Siloam Springs, AR

First, we’ll sweep down any webs and nests we see in your eaves. This keeps them at bay as well as preventing them from squeezing into your home through the attic. After this, we will treat inside and outside, creating a barrier. This way, we create a strong buffer between your yard and your home. Spiders are a common problem, but our service also repels ants, beetles, centipedes, roaches, and other invaders. We make it easy to set up service- we accept all major forms of payment and can usually make it within 24 hours. We aim to “wow” you with every interaction.