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As the weather conditions set in around the country and the warmth of spring summons many wintering critters from their hideouts. It is important to consider that they will be looking for two things –– food and water in abundance. Incidentally these are the exact amenities human habitats are well known to provide.

In an effort to keep pests and bugs from entering your home and causing damage, this pest control company in Edinburgh encourages you to take the following pest control actions.


Outdoor Tasks

  • Take the time to fully inspect the exterior of you homes and be sure to locate any possible points of entry and be sure to seal these off from invaders. You can seal smaller cracks and openings. Larger spaces and gaps can be stuffed up with steel wool as these rough fibers often pose an impassable barrier for smaller creatures.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for any signs of termite damage because this tends to spread out to other areas of the home. Mud tubes, softwood and crackling veneers are all signs of a bad termite invasion.
  • Keeping the grass and lawn properly landscaped will also keep a certain amount of creatures out of your lawn and garden. The more dense and covered the vegetation the more places for timid animals to hide.
  • Keep your gutters and drainage system free of leaves and other buildup of debris that stop the flow of water and allow a breeding ground for unwanted animals.
  • Repair damaged roofing and structural elements as insects are drawn to moist rotting wood and can begin an invasion there.
  • Make sure that the weather stripping protecting your basements and foundation are all kept in proper conditions. The same goes for any signs of loose mortar or deteriorating wood work.
  • Make sure the screens on your windows, coverings on your attic vents and chimney openings are all up to snuff and not damaged or faulty in anyway.
  • Make sure that any falling rainwater is directed away from your house through a proper system of downspouts gutters, and splash block. Make sure that any of your pipes or faucets that are leaking are properly dealt with.


Indoor Tasks

  • Make sure the garbage is properly disposed of in sealed disposal containers.
  • Make sure your kitchen is left cleaned after each use with all the counters wiped down, floors swept and no water or food items left where hungry little vermin can snack freely.
  • Vacuum your home weekly to keep the level of dust mites down.
  • Keep your pets food, food containers and litter completely cleaned and washed regularly. Make sure any dog or cat food is kept in a sealed container.
  • Consult your vet for preventative methods of keeping ticks and fleas off your pets.