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The last thing you want to see when you wake up is bug bites on your body. You’re not sure where they came from, if you have an infestation, or how to get rid of the problem. No matter what bit you in the night, we’re here to help. More often than not, it’s your furry family friend that is getting bitten. Our treatment will exterminate fleas, but you still need to continue treating your pets.


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Fleas Don’t Belong in Your Home

Fleas don’t just come from nowhere. Sometimes they come in your home through cracks and crevices, but most likely they hitched a ride on your dog or cat. But where did they get them? If you’re a good pet owner, you probably take Fido for a walk every day, to the dog park, or let them frolic in the yard. If they come in contact with other animals that have fleas, it’s super easy for the little monsters to hop aboard and spread. Fleas can jump extremely high compared to their tiny size, so any animals that come around are basically walking vehicle on which they can ride, catch a bite to eat, and lay eggs (and spread)!


Tulsa Flea Exterminators

Midwest Pest Control is Tulsa’s top pest control company, and we want to prove it to you. You’ll be so glad you got our service that you’ll use us time and time again in the future. We guarantee our work; if you need service in between treatments, we will come out again completely free. To get rid of fleas in Tulsa, give Midwest a call!