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When you are looking for the best roach control Tulsa has to offer, you can count on Midwest Pest Control. We know that no one likes to see roaches and it doesn’t matter if they are tiny, or large, they are downright gross.


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We offer the best Roach Extermination Services available because we have been helping home owners and businesses fight off these nasty little critters for years. We can protect your kitchen, and other parts of your home. When you are looking for help with your roach control needs in Tulsa, please call us. We would be happy to give you a free quote. Call today!

What to Expect

If we treat your home for Cockroaches, we will need your help to eliminate the cockroach problem. Because you are an important part of removing these pests, it is crucial that you understand how the process works. Given that most roaches have an extremely rapid life cycle, a combination of innovative products must be used to break down this cycle. A mixture of Suspend (residual control), Nyguard (integrated growth regulator), and Exiter (contact killer/flushing agent) are key ingredients for maximum control. Although these products will begin working right away, the flushing agents in the products may increase roach activity for a short period.

Another application 30-60 days later will also be necessary to exterminate any recently- hatched eggs and to eliminate the remaining population. The growth regulator contained in the pesticide will keep the roaches from reaching maturity, making reproduction impossible. For this reason, it is not uncommon to see more juvenile roaches than before. An alternative food source called Advion Roach Gel may also be used as a bait to eliminate surviving roaches. It is imperative that the house be immaculately clean. Roaches prefer leftover food to the bait that we put out. Keeping your home free of any food source is crucial for our success.

Families with young children or pets may want to hire an exterminator, because our professionals at Midwest Pest Control know how to keep pets and children safe when using poisons and traps. Exterminators are trained in order to rid a home of pests. A beneficial reason for hiring an exterminator is to learn how to keep pests from invading your home for good by repairing and sealing the home.