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Tulsa Termite Inspection

In Tulsa, termites can wreak havoc and can become an expensive problem quickly. With a proper inspection from a professional, signs of termites can be diagnosed and a plan to eliminate them can be put into place. Keep reading to learn more about termite inspections in Tulsa, OK.

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The second-largest city in the state of Oklahoma, Tulsa is a place filled with outdoor fun like the Tulsa Zoo which was voted as “America’s Favorite Zoo” in 2005 by Microsoft Game Studios, for the company’s promotion of its Zoo Tycoon 2 computer game. Starting late September, for ten days you can enjoy the Tulsa State Fair that captivates over one million people. The city is diverse with a variety of other fall festivals such as the Oktoberfest, Greek Festival, Festival Viva Mexico and Dia de Los Muertos Art Festival among many more. A major amusement park attraction, Safari Joe’s H2O Water Park (formerly Big Splash Water Park) that features large wave pools and a reptile exhibit. But to enjoy the city fun, you wouldn’t want to worry about pests.  Looking for termite treatment in Tulsa can help you save money in the long run and allow to go out and have fun in the festivals.

Signs that you have Termites

If you aren’t careful, termites can damage your homes up to thousands of dollars. It’s important to do a termite inspection in Tulsa, OK to check your home if you have any signs of termites. Look out for damaged wood. The outside of the wood might not reveal if you have a termite infestation. Search for wood that is moist and has been in contact with dirt. In order to check, you tab on the surface of the wood with a tool like a wrench or screwdriver. Focus on the sound as you tab, if it begins to sound hollow you might find you have a termite problem.

A sure sign that you have termites is if your house is surrounded with shelter tubes, also known as mud tubes. The shelter tubes typically appear on the foundation, starting from the wet ground up to reach to wood, their source of food. The tubes are made of their saliva combined with their feces and soil to hold in together as it tunnels to find wood without drying out and dying from the open air. You might even notice some termites’ heads popping in and out of the tubes. If they happen to already invade your home, the termite might have expanded by building tube or similar structures.

Another way to determine if there are termites active in your property is by paying attention for swarmers, winged termites whose whole purpose is to reproduce and create new termite colonies. They are attracted to light so they might be found near your home’s entry points such as by the door or windows that are surrounded by exterior lighting or the cast-off wings that are abandoned to the floor. Termites swarm during the spring when the outside temperature reaches 70 degrees and it’s a sunny day after heavy rain. While the swarmers themselves do not eat wood, the pile of wings signifies the eventual arrival of termites that do. 

Midwest Pest Control

Midwest Pest Control handles a multitude of termite inspections in Tulsa, OK. We can check for you if you have a termite situation and you prevent from getting worse. Currently we are offering a Tulsa Termite Control Protection Plan that comes with a free termite inspection. If there are any signs of termites in your home we will professionally provide high-quality services at the most competitive prices on the market. Our certified experts will explain the various options with you and help budget a plan that works best for your home. We understand homes often have children and pets. That’s why we use the safest, and most effective, products when protecting you and your home/business. After we’ve done our job, your property will be termite free with a guarantee.