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Winter is coming. Again, like every year. This means a few things – holiday spirit, snowmen (depending on where you live), and the death of most of the pesky insects that bothered you the whole summer. Finally, you can get some peace.

Or can you? Thing is, some of those pesky insects really die out during the winter. But some of them find their way into your home, your shed, or your greenhouse so they can survive the winter.

Lucky for you, you don’t just have to take in uninvited house guests this holiday season.

Garden Preparation to Tackle Pests in the Winter

Garden pests aren’t a nuisance only in spring or summer. “Prepare your garden for the winter by trimming the shrubs and branches”, says Alexander Crawley, an entomology consultant for Fantastic Pest Control in Australia.  “Insects use them to reach your house or shed while looking for shelter during the cold months”, the expert adds. One of their favorite spots are those piles of leaves and grass you can’t find time to dispose of. Their other favorite is the firewood pile – the perfect shelter for many pests –  move it to an elevated area away from your house or shed.

When everything is tidy, check your fence for any entry points and make sure to seal them to prevent rodents from entering.

Storage Area

If your shed serves as a storage compartment, make sure to keep as many tools and other items in plastic containers. “Cockroaches are drawn to the smell of paper, so you might want to put away any books, old newspapers, and magazines you’re having”, the Fantastic Pest Control entomologist explains. “Cardboard boxes will further the issue, so avoid those”, he warns. On the other hand, plastic boxes will protect your stuff and help you by eliminating the clutter piles where the pesky creatures would love to hide.

You can protect your working clothes with mothballs which will deter moths.

Seal all Entry Points for Bugs

  • Check the construction for possible entry spots such as cracks and crevices around the windows, pipes, vents, chimneys, and your home’s foundation.
  • Fill all small holes with caulk and the larger ones with steel wool or expandable foam product to prevent the insects and even rodents from invading.
  • Critter-proof your vents with a mesh.
  • Maintain a clean and tidy entry hallway to keep any insects or larvae stuck to either jackets and shoes an extra step further away.

Take Care of Water

To discourage pests even further, make sure they don’t find your property attractive.

Water is an important part of their living and breeding conditions, so make sure to check your pipes for leakages and any spot – fix those immediately.

Humid areas are a breeding ground for woodworms which can become a huge issue over time and if not taken care of, can bring so much destruction that you’ll have to replace your shed with a new one.

Keeping pests away from your garden pond is also a good idea. Another problem area are the trash cans – make sure they have lids on and the trash is disposed of regularly. If you fail to neglect a garden pond, it could end up being a breeding ground for a wide range of creatures, mosquitoes being among species humans despise the most.


With a few simple operations, you can spend your next winter insect-free. Instead of being locked in a deadly battle with pests, spend this holiday focusing on delicious food and having a good time. Follow our tips for an insect-free holiday season!