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You may have taken care of pests around your home before and feel like you can do it again. WIth commercially available pest control products easily found in many stores, it has become a common practice to perform Do-It-Yourself pest control. While this may work in some cases, let’s take a look at some of the situations in which you may want to take the plunge and hire a professional.


Any time someone’s safety is at risk, you should consider a professional pest control company. It is always better to be safe than sorry. One example of this would be if someone in your household is allergic to bees or wasps. In this instance, you should definitely not try to take care of a hive by yourself. Instead call someone with special training that can help make sure that your family is safe. This is also a concern if you are trying to do DIY pest control and aren’t familiar with the pesticides involved. If you have children or pets around, you will want to be sure that the chemicals are used correctly to ensure safety. If you feel uncomfortable using or storing specific pesticides, it might be a good idea to hire someone with specific training to do it for you.



Recurring Infestations

If you have tried DIY pest control to treat an infestation and you have had problems with it coming back, it is likely that the pest was never really eliminated. This can be because commercially available pesticides are not the right ones for the pest you are targeting or because it hasn’t been applied properly so that it targets the visible pests, but not the hidden ones. Even just a few remaining pests can quickly multiply and return in even greater numbers. Professional pest control companies not only treat the current problem, but also lay down a barrier to prevent future ones. Professional exterminators are also specially trained and licensed to identify the pests and apply the correct products.

Fear or Anxiety

Oftentimes customers contact a professional company because they have a legitimate fear or anxiety caused by certain pests that they are seeing around their home. This could be anything from a phobia of mice to anxiety caused by black widow spiders. These can be huge motivating factors to get the problem taken care of quickly. Since professional pest control is the most effective and timely option, it is often worth it to the homeowner to help them alleviate their anxiety and fears.



Avoiding Damage

There are certain situations when it is expedient to get the pest problem under control quickly to prevent future damage to your home or property. Professional pest control is the fastest and most effective way to do this. An instance where time is of the essence is when you discover that termites are eating away at your home. In this situation, DIY pest control will usually not fix the root of the problem, and you do not want to waste valuable weeks or months trying to get it under control on your own and risk worsening the situation.

You want to make sure the company you hire does a good job, the right way, and effectively. For example, if you called an HVAC company to come out and fix your air conditioner, you would be pretty upset if they came out and washed your car. You hire a professional because they have experience in the field and you trust that they’ll get the job done correctly.

Understanding of IPM

One of the most beneficial reasons to hire a professional pest control company is because good pest control companies use IPM or Integrated Pest Management. This means that they will use an environmentally friendly approach that focuses on prevention, and only use pesticides as needed. At Midwest Pest Control, we use want to give you the best service possible. We will come out to your property and perform an inspection, properly identify the pests, recommend ways to prevent future problems, and provide a treatment or treatment plan. You will also receive the benefits of continuous evaluations to ensure that any future problems are dealt with quickly.


Midwest Pest Control is a family owned and operated company. We believe in excellent customer service, use safe and effective products, and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We want to help keep your family safe and pest-free. Give us a call today.