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Residential Pest Control

If you want residential pest control in Tulsa OK and Rogers AR; look no further. Our exterminators can guarantee your home will be snake free, bug free, and rodent free.


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Home isn’t Home with Bugs

Here is what we offer: We apply a very robust barrier 360 degrees on the outside of your home. On the inside, we apply whats called a crack and crevice service. Basically what this means is that we apply pest control products in all the little cracks and crevices where bugs frequent. And that’s typically the exact same thing that every other pest control company in this area would offer you. What makes us unique is we don’t stop there. Beyond the foundation treatment we apply a granular pest control product which will extend your home’s pest barrier another 10 feet, and we can also treat porches, play ares (like swings and slides,) fences, sheds, RV’s and mailboxes. Plus, besides putting down pest control products, we also use an eve sweeping tool to actually remove any pest debris that has built up on the outside of your home like wasps nests or cob webs. 

Special Treatment

Now the service I just mentioned will eliminate most bugs but, some pest control requires special treatment. These pest would include snakes, more extreme ant and roach infestations, mice, fleas, ticks and even some spider infestations. And special treatment is our middle name . . well, ok, Midwest doesn’t have a middle name but if it did, it would be special treatment. If your home is prone to snake activity, we can apply a snake repellent on the outside edge of your yard that will effectively keep snakes from slithering into your yard and scaring the “begeebeez” out of your family. For fleas and ticks, we apply a granular flea/tick control product around your yard and concentrate the application around pet areas—like dog houses or kennels. For severe ants problems we use products that have been developed specifically for a specific species of ants and which will effectively eradicate the entire colony. For roaches we use specialized baits, and for mice we use traps.

So essentially we provide the same standard inside/outside pest control service that basically every other pest control company offers, BUT then on top of that we add whatever specialized service you may need. So if your main issue right now is an ant infestation then we’ll perform the standard foundation, eve, crack and crevice service and then on top of that, we’ll address your specific ant issue by putting down products specialized to whatever species of ants you’re dealing with. We understand that every one of our clients has different needs and as a result, have trained our technicians to address individual needs rather than just provide a one size fits all pest treatment.

If you want the best pest control company out there, Midwest is the answer.