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You would think knowing when to call pest control is pretty simple. For most people, it’s a case of when they see an insect or animal they don’t want to deal with. But there’s more to it than that.




Let’s start with trying to save you some money but knowing when you shouldn’t call pest control:

1) Head lice! Yep, this really happened. Our friends at Marygo Pests had a call from a lovely woman in Columbia, Maryland. They report:

“We arrived at the property and asked the woman where she saw the lice last? She replied ‘On my head!’. At first, we thought she was having a joke with us. Then we realized, the lice problem was actually head lice. We advised that the last thing she would want is pest control products on her head! We pointed her to the local convenience store that would sell head lice treatment and off we went!”

2) Single sightings of harmless insects or animals. Things like a few little black ants, the moth fly and crickets come to mind. Consider if these insects are dangerous or encroaching/damaging on your space. If not, it’s best to let them be.

3) Beneficial ‘pests’. Lady beetles, for example, can benefit your garden by eating plant-damaging insects. The same goes for certain types of spiders that take out more harmful pests. So overall, these insects do us all a favor.




With that being said, here’s when to definitely get an inspection:

1) Property damage! If it looks like something has been gnawing away at your walls, floors or furniture, get pest control around urgently. Some pests such as such as termites can make your property structurally unsafe. Similarly, a rodent chewing away at electrical cables increases the risk of fire.

2) If you notice droppings or urine stains, usually in the corner of a room, then it’s likely you have a mice, rat or cockroach problem. These pests carry horrible diseases and the sooner pest control deal with it, the better.

3) Now the simplest way of knowing you have a pest issue is seeing them scurry about or hearing them in the walls or under the floorboards. This can be unsettling to say the least. Get someone in ASAP as they’ll be multiplying everyday! The longer it’s left, the harder it is to get rid of an infestation.

4) And finally, insects that look dangerous usually are. Don’t risk your safety and if you’re unsure, let a professional take care of it. If you want to quickly figure out what you’re dealing with, if it’s safe to do, take a picture of the critter and send it to your local pest control so they can advise you ahead of time.