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Springtime is the time to think about snake exterminators even if you don’t see them yet. With springtime here, it is a good time to bring up that this warming weather will cause snakes to become more active.


snake exterminatorsSnakes do not technically hibernate, however cold-blooded animals such as snakes do not have the ability to keep warm during the winter months, so they search for and find shelter inside of holes or burrows, and they spend the winter either inactive or dormant, which is similar to hibernation, however this is called brumation.

When these snakes start to become more active you will find them more often looking for food and poisonous snakes can become more aggressive. If you happen to see a snake, or a family of snakes in your yard or home, give us a call and let us come get rid them for you. We will be glad to look at other parts of your home too and determine what other issues you may have caused by pests in your area.