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If you don’t like spiders, the idea of stumbling upon a spider egg sac, with potentially hundreds of baby spiderlings in it, can be quite repulsive. Adult spiders only make up a small percentage of the total spider population within your home, so it is important to be able to identify and dispose of egg sacs before they hatch.

Spider egg sacs are woven out of silk in much the same way that spiders spin their webs. Most egg sacs are cream or brown in color and come in a variety of textures and shapes. Some are smooth, while others appear fluffy. Some spiders create round or teardrop shaped sacs while other egg sacs are spiky. One commonality seen across nearly all species is that the egg sac is generally about the same size as the spider that created it.

Egg sacs can be found in a variety of places. They can be attached under leaves, on branches, in burrows, or in wood piles. Spider egg sacs indoors are most often found in corners of rooms, in closets, or among storage boxes.

If you find a spider egg sac in your home, do not attempt to smash it. Squishing it may cause all of the baby spiders to scatter throughout the area. Instead, a vacuum is your best bet. Use a vacuum hose to carefully suck up the egg sac. Once finished, seal the bag and dispose of it. If a vacuum is not available, a broom can also be used. Wrap the broom in a cloth and gently sweep the egg sac away. If you find an egg sac attached to the outside of your home, a strong jet of water can get rid of it.


spider egg sacs

A common house spider egg sac with recently hatched spiderlings By Richhoyer99 [CC BY 3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons


The best way to prevent spiders and their egg sacs is by properly sealing the exterior of the house, including all cracks, gaps, and vent openings. Spraying the exterior with a residual pesticide is also a great preventive measure. Residuals can last several months and provide a barrier around the home.


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