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A mole can cause extensive damage to a lawn or property in a very short amount of time. One mole can build 50-100 molehills per month, creating a headache for homeowners. Learning to identify and control moles can save you and your lawn a lot of trouble.


Mole Identification

The most common mole in the Tulsa area is the Eastern mole, but there are several other species throughout the United States. Moles live almost their entire lives underground, so they have developed characteristics to help them. Since they are constantly tunneling through dirt, a mole’s eyes and ears are almost completely covered by hair. They also have large, paddle-shaped front feet that end in claws that are perfect for digging through the earth in a swimming motion. Moles range in size from 4-9 inches and typically have gray fur and a large, pointed snout.



Eastern mole by Kenneth Catania, Vanderbilt University [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]


Moles are part of a group of mammals known as insectivores. They primarily live off of insects like grubs, centipedes, beetles, worms etc. They are often blamed for damage to gardens and shrubs, but they do not actually eat plants. If you are noticing something feasting on your garden, flowers, or trees, you may have voles or gophers instead.


Problems Caused by Moles

Although moles do not eat vegetation, they can still cause quite a lot of damage to lawns. Moles create extensive tunnel systems. Tunnels that are just below the surface of the ground will push the soil up and create rounded runways that are visible in your lawn. Moles also dig deeper tunnels to get around. When they need to get rid of the excess soil in their tunnels, they will deposit it on top of the ground in volcano-shaped mounds called molehills. Molehills and subsurface tunnels can not only be ugly to look at, but they can also cause drainage problems, uproot vegetation, and create a hazard for people and machinery. 


Mole Control

Even though the number of holes and tunnels may make it seem like there are lots of moles on your property, chances are good that it is probably only one, making it even more difficult to get rid of. Moles typically live solitary lives, and it is quite common that only 2-3 moles live on an entire acre. Mole control may involve trapping, repellants, and/or baiting. The experts at Midwest Pest Control can help eliminate moles on your property and work with you to keep them away. You can trust Midwest Pest Control for all of your Tulsa pest control needs.